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Our Story

Diamond Dogs Treatery & Pet Boutique was dreamt up by founder, Nikki Sloate, while she was working as a supervisor at a dog and cat rescue on a small island in Thailand. After 20 years of animal care and rescue experience for animals which also include gorillas and chimpanzees, she became very focused on the importance of proper enrichment and what a difference it makes in the overall wellbeing and therefore behavior of animals. 


As a result, our pet supply store is focused on indoor and outdoor enrichment items in hopes of helping keep your furry friends happy and healthy! To lessen the impact of the amount of plastic used in pet supplies, and after witnessing the abundance of plastic washing up on the island, we are thoughtfully sourcing eco-friendly, sustainable products from like-minded suppliers. 

After a year in business, and dabbling in adding some freshly baked "edible enrichment" in the mix, it's become clear that this is something owners and doggies alike, are really excited about! So we are also now focusing on coming up with delicious pet pasteries made from all natural, human grade, limited ingredients using only natural preservatives (ie. cinnamon, vitamin c powder). As well as small batch daily treats!

Diamond Dogs will continue to help animal rescue efforts in various ways like our "Shelter Shop".  Make sure to keep an eye on our Blog for news, enrichment ideas and more!

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