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Our pups are prone to sunburn and other skin related diseases that are associated with sun exposure. Light coloured noses, skin, short hair, bald spots, surgery incisions and bare bellies are just a few reasons to apply sunscreen to your pup. Take precautions this summer with the sun shield!


*cruelty free and vegan!


*Balm is not harmful if ingested or licked.


Directions for  use: Apply the sun shield directly to nose, lips, ears, the belly and other sensitive areas. Apply every 1-2 hours depending on sun exposure to prevent sun damage to skin. Use within 10-12 months.

Wild Husky Sun Shield

  • About Wild Husky co:

    Wild Husky Co. is a veteran owned company based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We manufacture a variety of products from Organic Spaw Care™ items, Dog Bowls, Pet Blankets, Fanny Packs and elegant bandanas matching with the seasons. Inspired by the outdoor lifestyle of the West Coast, we want to provide owners with gear they can love and trust. Our Spaw Care™ products are made with certified organic ingredients and dog safe essential oils for our blends.  Our signature Paw Shield is trusted and used by active working dogs including SAR, Agility and Sled Dogs.  It should be noted that we strive greatly on keeping our promise to our community and minimize our impact on the planet. We keep our products plastic free and our packaging eco -friendly.

    Brand Values: Eco-friendly, Handmade, Organic, Gives back, Women owned