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Furry Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo! 

Snufflez™ Shark Mat is designed to keep your pets occupied, happy, and engaged. Let your furry friends spend oodles of time finding the yummy treats and kibbles hidden between the pieces of upcycled polar fleece. The mat has a non-slip backing and is fully machine washable. 

Snufflez™ Shark Mat

$48.00 Regular Price
$31.20Sale Price
  • Color: Red and Grey.

    Material: Hand-crafted with soft, upcycled polar fleece and non-skid base.

    Care: Cold hand wash or machine washable on gentle/delicate setting at 30 degrees.

    Measurements: 48 x 63cm

  • Snuffle mats are the perfect way to stimulate your pet's foraging instincts, engaging mind and body, and encouraging their natural skills.

    It's an interactive enrichment puzzle, used to help refine search and find skills along with many positive results including:

    • Encouraging attentive play
    • Mentally stimulating and boredom-busting
    • Satisfies their instincts to sniff and snuffle for their treats or meal
    • Ideal for pets on restricted exercise or pets with lots of energy
    • Can be used for behavior modification training
    • Slows down a speedy eater & prevents choking
    • Helps reduce stress
    • Energy zapping (bye zoomies!) and lots of fun!

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