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Heal Your Pup’s Sensitive Snout!

Snout Soother is the ideal remedy for healing and soothing dry, cracked, or scaly snouts. In addition to nourishing your pup’s sensitive sniffer, this balm heals cracked or broken skin, skin overgrowth, and hyperkeratosis. Alleviate pain, protect their snout, and heal nose woes with Snout Soother!

Snout Soother® - 2oz. Tin

  • Do you own a Brachycephalic Breed or a pup with a sensitive, irritated snout? Whatever dog you own, Snout Soother is here to ease a plethora of skin conditions and nourish your pup’s nose using nothing but organic, vegan ingredients. 

    Natural Dog Company's award-winning dog nose balm is a synergistic blend of organic, plant-based ingredients working together to treat, heal, and moisturize your pup’s sniffer! No more dry, cracked, bleeding, or infected noses in your house thanks to natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties present in this balm. And an added bonus? This balm's ingredients work as a natural SPF to protect Scout's snout in the sun.

    Snout Soother is ideal for healing, treating, and protecting against: 

    • Dry, chapped nose
    • Hyperkeratosis
    • Dry skin around the face, lips, & ears
    • Crusty, cracked nose
    • Discoid Lupus
    • Windburn & other extreme weather conditions

    Say goodbye to nose woes with Snout Soother!

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