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This made in USA cat scratcher bed by Americat is the perfect place for cats to do two of the things they love most: scratch and sleep! Made from heavy-duty cardboard, his scratcher bed features horizontal and angled scratching surfaces to excite your cat. Plus, cats love leaning against the raised sides as they cozy up for a nap in this comfy, cat-shaped bed. 


  • Made in the USA from U.S.-sourced materials
  • For sleeping AND scratching
  • Non-toxic, no added chemicals, cats drawn to cardboard's natural scent and texture 
  • Eco-friendly, recycled cardboard

Cat Scratcher Bed

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Heavy-duty, tightly-bonded, double-walled corrugated cardboard and non-toxic, foodsafe glue. Sturdy and long lasting scratcher combined with a safe, comfy bed. Plus, doesn't shed cardboard bits

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