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You know what's cool? Safety. The added security that comes with the two-point connection will give even the most advanced escape artist a challenge. Pair with a harness, collar, and/or leash and enjoy a little extra peace of mind. 


  • Awoo uses 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester created through a process that turns post-consumer plastics into soft, durable yarns. The average Awoo purchase helps to repurpose the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles.
  • Awoo uses high quality brass that retains its color and finish without chemical plating or coating. The brass will patina naturally over time giving your items a unique individual finish.


Awoo has sourced materials that are more earth-friendly, and we have consciously kept the chemical makeup of each material pure so it can be easily recycled.

AWOO Safety Strap

  • Total length including clasps is 5.25"

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